Saturday, 1 October 2011

URSULA SPENZ snail and the dwarf vintage old fantasy postcard from Germany alte POSTKARTE

Great German postcard featuring tiny dwarf riding a snail;) it’s just another passion of Germans - der Wald und Zwerge ;)….I love gnomes and all the creatures living in a forest. Artwork by Ursula Spenz. There are several desings for this series, all postcards accompanied by little poem. The postcard dates back to early 1940's.

Adrienne Ames Ruth Hilliard Verlag Ross Vintage Postcards cheesecake pin-up girls

Adrienne Ames, Ruth Hilliard…
Two absolutely amazing girls with long, stunning legs wearing astonishing attire. Vintage old photo postcards from Verlag Ross, those were the days of the real glamour. And I’m loving it…. Both postcards produced on high quality glossy paper by the renown Ross Publisher from Berlin. These two are in excellent condition.

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