Wednesday, 29 July 2009

ART DECO Children February 1939 Postcard Artist not signed cartolina bimbo Postkarte

The message goes:
"Most cordial greetings on your Name Day,
Marysia Kalinówna"

Postcard sent on February 1939. to Mościca near Sarnów

I received this card for free with another one purchased at
Polish auction. Sweet image of two kids as well as nice gesture
of the seller captured my heart so I had to put this postcard into
pele-mele section of my small collection.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Henny Porten - Idol of Marlene Dietrich Vintage Postcards actress German

Who heard of Henny Porten ? and it was not long time ago when reading Dietrich's Biography by Maria Riva, that I come across this name.
There are many names in books but this was special because Marlene seemed to have felt some unusual affinity with this woman; Marlene was
kind of fan of Henny or even more - one could call it "love" or "craze" . Marlene watched movies starring Henny and was deeply under her charm (or even madly in love or crazy about her ;), keeping
her photos just like I keep Marlene's today. I must be totally ignorant in the matters of silent movies because I had never heard this name untill
reading Dietrich's biography; or probably I could be, excused, could I ? To make up for my ignorance as well as out of curiosity, see what kind of
Idol my Idol had, I purchased these several postcards. Postcards were all (most probably all) published in Germany and show
this once famous art deco lady in typical theatrical poses. I do not suppose to ever become a fan of Henny; It is just another way to buy a piece of Marlene's world.
I like the postcards, nevertheless.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Cats Postcards - Old Vintage Postcards

Having 2 funny cats already, I would not be myself if I did not come to collect some postcards featuring these fluffy creatures. Here are 3 examples from Great Britain.